Introducing New Brunswick Startup: Ongozah

With Propel ICT’s Demo Day  coming up on September 22, we’re chatting with all of the New Brunswick companies who will be pitching this year at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton.

Today we meet Topher Kingsley-Williams, CEO of Ongozah.

What’s Ongozah’s “elevator pitch”?

Ongozah is an online tool that simplifies corporate giving. We offer nonprofits a simple way to plan projects, and share them with people and businesses in order to gather resources (cash and non-cash).  This tool gives businesses a seamless way to offer their employees opportunities to contribute to what they want while automatically measuring and tracking the impact people are having.

Now local nonprofits can fully utilize their community’s resources without the headaches of spreadsheets and email, and businesses can show the community and stakeholders all the great work they are doing!

Who’s on your team?

We have a really well balanced team – the three of us are very different types of people. Denis Daigle, our CTO (“the function guy”), has built two other online platforms before and is hand building Ongozah. Dan Gillis, our CMO (“the feel guy”), has personally used and perfected this method of gathering community resources offline (we also sometimes call him “the scientist”). He is now helping steer the user experience and showing all our great customers the value of community engagement. And I am “the form guy”, helping shape a sustainable business around all of this.

What’s next for Ongozah after Demo Day?

Ongozah is heading into a busy fall with a big focus on sales and possibly some mobile development. We are heading to NYC for the Social Impact Summit right after Demo Day and have also been accepted to be part of the Web Summit’s ALPHA Program in Ireland in November.  So lots on the go, including a new addition to the Ongozah family (I am going to be a dad)!


Think Ongozah could be helpful for your nonprofit? Check out their website here:


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