Introducing New Brunswick Startup: SITEFLO

With Propel ICT’s Demo Day  coming up on September 22, we’re chatting with all of the New Brunswick companies who will be pitching this year at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton.

Today we meet Brent MacDonald,  founder of SITEFLO.

What’s SITEFLO’s “elevator pitch”?

At SITEFLO, we make performance improvement software for the packaging sector, to identify and implement performance improvement projects that can be executed by automation suppliers. With SITEFLO, customers get intelligence on factory issues and solutions to efficiency problems – available on a real-time, customizable dashboard. Since launching Version 2.0 of our product at the beginning of the Propel ICT Build program, we’ve experienced 95% month-over-month revenue growth, and we now count some of the largest packaging organizations and suppliers of automation in the world as our customers.

Who’s on your team?

We’ve got an incredible team. It includes Caitlyn Milberry in a marketing automation role (she’s been recognized as one of the most active HubSpot users in the world), Ashley Abernethy (the former lead for the Q1 Labs North American Inside Sales Team), David McNally and Brett Payne, packaging sector experts with a combined 50 years of technical sales and distribution experience, and Nathan Armstrong – a former founder himself.

You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to wait to find out about our next two additions, but we’re ecstatic about adding them.

What’s next for SITEFLO after Demo Day?

The week after Demo Day we go to Pack Expo, Las Vegas, alongside our channel partners and customers, which is one of the largest trade shows in our sector. We’ll be exhibiting with an organization called Flexicell, who produces some of the most advanced robotic solutions in our market.

Stay tuned that week, as we’re likely to release about 40 pieces of short-form video content to keep everybody posted on how the show is going via social media. After that, we’re back to scaling our business and building out our team.

Want to go a little deeper on SITEFLO? Check out their website at

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