Huddle tells the stories of the creative, innovative and interesting entrepreneurs working in New Brunswick and throughout the Maritimes. These are stories that are not told often enough.
Huddle is more than a news site, it’s a gathering place for the community of people with hope and ambition who want to build a stronger economy.
At Huddle, our philosophy is simple: we believe that business is good.

Business creates jobs, opportunities and wealth, things we need more of here in our part of Canada. Business is creative, powerful and a force for positive social change.

We’re passionate about the entrepreneurs making a difference in our region. Too often business in the Maritimes is viewed with suspicion or even resentment. That’s holding us back, so we want to help change that mindset.

So please join us on this journey. Let us know what you think about Huddle on Twitter or Facebook – we’d love your feedback.

Mark Leger

Cherise Letson
Associate Editor and Staff Writer

Inda Intiar
Staff Writer