Prelam’s Cannabis Odour Eliminator Will Go National Under Partnership With Zenabis

Prelam founder Luc Jalbert with a LUKY8 spray. Image: Submitted

MONCTON – Prelam Enterprises, which specializes in odour control offerings, will see its cannabis odour remover LUKY8 go national thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement with cannabis producer Zenabis.

The LUKY8 spray and candles had initially only been available through Cannabis NB, Ontario Cannabis Store and a few independent stores in New Brunswick and out west.

“We only had really a limited reach and Zenabis is nationwide. They’re a huge, growing company and they sell [across Canada]. That was my thinking when I approached them about nine months ago to see if they would distribute our product,” says Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam. “Based on how we’ve done in New Brunswick, they really love how successful we’ve been up to now, so it was a perfect match.”

The maker of Just’a Drop bathroom odour eliminators says LUKY8 products don’t just mask the odour that comes with marijuana smoke. They’re made using a biodegradable formula that can capture cannabis odour molecules and break them down to eliminate the smell entirely from the air or on clothes, and leave behind a nice scent instead.

Now, provincial organizations like Cannabis NB, regional distributors and other retailers will have to deal directly with Zenabis to get supplies of LUKY8 products. Jalbert will now focus on the manufacturing aspect of the products.

“We intend to have more volume because of this partnership,” he said.

Jalbert said the fact that Zenabis already has established relationships with various provinces and retailers will be good for Prelam.

“I don’t have a quick reach. It would take me a whole year to go around and really try to pierce through the relationships. Zenabis already has relationships with every province. Their reach is incredible so it’s super great news for our company here,” he said.

Nathan Welton, Zenabis’ national sales manager, said the company had been interested in the LUKY8 since it launched a few months ago.

“After doing some research into the brand, we realized they have a long history of producing science-based odour elimination products that work, essentially,” he said. “This is a type of product that works for a wide variety of consumers and we want to make sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to purchase it.”

Zenabis is currently in eight markets across Canada and aims to have products in all 10 provinces “very soon,” he said.

“Our goal is to bring the LUKY8 to all markets in Canada so that all consumers can have access to it on an ongoing basis.”

Jalbert added that the partnership works even better because Zenabis has a footprint in Atlantic Canada, including a facility in Atholville.

“They’re a big employer up north [in N.B.]. So the fact that they [partner] up with another New Brunswick company, I think it’s great news for the province. It’s solidifying our business for Prelam in Moncton and we can grow and possibly export even more wherever [Zenabis’] reach is,” he said. “We’re going along for the ride.”

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