Eat, Shop, Sleep: 7 New Businesses That Opened This Year In Fredericton

Hoa Hua and Coral Shuai, owners of By the River Bed and Breakfast. Image: Kurvin Silvio

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back on just some of the popular new businesses that opened in Fredericton over the past year.

The Tipsy Muse

Rob Pinnock and Krista Touesnard. Image: Cara Smith.

The Tipsy Muse Cafe, the brainchild of Krista Touesnard, Rob Pinnock and Michelle Berthelot, is the place to groove, jive, mellow out and get the creative juices flowing among the creative community of Fredericton.

With its rotation of local beers, and custom made roasted coffee, the Tipsy Muse aims to become an artistic and collaborative hub and supporter of the larger Fredericton community.

Mill Town Roasters

The Mill Town Roasters interior (Credit: Mill Town Roasters)

Katie Martens’ Mill Town Roasters, one of downtown Fredericton’s newest places to grab a bite and cup of coffee, illustrates the entrepreneur apple doesn’t fall far from the business family tree.

“I suppose I’m like the third generation [of business people], a hope to carry on the footsteps of my parents and keep the dream alive,” Martens told Huddle.


Marshalls’ grand opening in Fredericton. Image: Diana Chavez/Huddle Today

Marshalls made another convert in Huddle summer intern Diana, and who can blame her?

The company opened its first store in Fredericton over the summer and having never been to a Marshall’s before, we sent her to investigate. 

At her first time at Marshall’s she got her Christmas shopping done in August, snapping up goodies such as Spiderman cologne and adorable dog bowls, among the hordes of eager-beaver bargain hunters. However, Diana managed to resist the siren call of a (valued-at-$120) $50 Guess backpack – until next time perhaps.


Karim Ali (left) and Islam Elzayat (right), owners of Sphinx. Image: Diana Chávez/Huddle.

Sphinx owners Karim Ali and Islam Ilzayat came to Canada through the New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee program to work in IT, but soon pivoted to becoming restaurateurs. It was a savvy decision on their part, as there weren’t many Mediterranean restaurants in Fredericton at the time while the city has many people from that region who came to the province through the same program.

From Shawarma to Béchamel Pasta, the restaurant offers a bounty of delicious Mediterranean dishes from 20 countries.


Richard Nakhle, owner of Byblos Restaurant and Bar. Image: Diana Chávez/Huddle.

Richard Nakhle showed it is never too late to pursue a new path in opening Byblos Restaurant and Bar.

Nakhle was inspired by the Phoenicians, humanity’s original entrepreneurs so to speak, to bring authentic Lebanese food to Fredericton. He credits his friends and family for their help and support of Byblos.

“They definitely helped with little tricks and tips here and there,” Nakhle told Huddle.

It truly takes a village to make a restaurant successful.

Tokyo Ramen

Tatamis (Diana Chávez/Huddle).

Canada’s legendary winter weather was a shock to the Kamazuka family when they moved to Fredericton from the U.S. two years ago, but their restaurant Tokyo Ramen is the toast of the town.

“[At] first we thought it may be hard to enter those communities since we were thinking people in the rural area are all connected but are not really used to the outsiders, but on [our] second day, the people in the community approached us [and said] ‘welcome to Fredericton,’” Hirofumi Kamazuka told Huddle.

Tokyo Ramen’s authentic Japanese culinary experience, from the homemade noodles to the tatami mat seating area, is a delicious addition to the city – Itadakimasu!

By The River

Image: Kurvin Silvio.

Hoa Hua and Coral Shuai’s transformation of a 116-year-old house into a modern-day bed and breakfast By The River could have given the Property Brothers a run for their money.

The married duo’s B&B, featuring recreational activities such as yoga by the river and showcasing local artwork, was supported and mentored by Debra Quartermain, owner of the Quartermain Bed and Breakfast.

“When you are first starting out it’s amazing to have another B&B in town, and I just wanted to support them, be able to recommend people and answer any of the questions [they] had about what it’s like running a B&B,” Quartermain told Huddle.

Whoever said competition had to be cutthroat?