This Is What CannabisNB Stores Will Look Like

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MONCTON – Government ministers and liquor corporation officials continue to emphasize that killing the black market for cannabis and protecting children are their main priorities, but they’re planning to do that with sleek, stylish stores.

Finance Minister Cathy Rogers and NB Liquor CEO Brian Harriman unveiled exterior and interior designs at a press conference in Moncton Thursday.

“Our government’s focus on the legalization of recreational-use cannabis is that it stays out of the hands of youth and criminals,” said Rogers in a release. “The layout of the retail stores will help us achieve these goals as we enter this new retail environment.”

The Cannabis NB stores will be about 3,000 square feet and have a reception area, retail and office space, and a state-of-the-art secured storage area. This secured area includes features such as a bank-style vault.

“Our store design has incorporated many best-in-class features in the cannabis retail space,” said Harriman. “We have a great deal of experience in the retailing of a controlled substance, and this design will allow us to retail in an educational and responsible manner, while still delivering the best customer experience in the country.”

NB Liquor CEO Brian Harriman and Finance Minister Cathy Rogers unveiled exterior and interior designs at a press conference in Moncton Thursday. Image: submitted.

The government says no one under 19 will be allowed to enter the stores, and locations were chosen to ensure they are an appropriate distance from schools and daycares.

The locations of the 20 retail stores in 15 communities have been previously announced by the government.

The retail price of individual marijuana products will vary but they will be finalized closer to the date of legalization in July. The government pricing needs to be competitive to curtail the illegal sale of cannabis.

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