VIDEO: Young Family Leaves Flood Zone On Irving NB Southern Train

SAINT JOHN – Stephanie Fallon works in Saint John and her husband goes to school there, and rising flood waters were making it impossible to leave home. So late Friday they boarded an NB Southern Railway train that transported people from Grand Bay-Westfield to the city, making stops along the way.

The City of Saint John issued a statement Friday night saying they anticipate having to close the Westfield Road near Mellinger Crescent, which could isolate up to 800 households. The city says residents can leave the area by the train Saturday afternoon at 5 pm.

NB Southern Railway, a J.D. Irving, Limited company, is providing a free one-way evacuation shuttle service via rail to residents along the Westfield Road and area. This includes those living in Morna, Morna Heights, Belmont, Ketepec, Acamac and South Bay who can’t leave those areas by road.

The railway has been running the passenger train since late Thursday afternoon.

Check out this video, produced by JDI, that contains interviews with Fallon and the people who are helping her and her family make the journey into the city where they will stay with family until the flood waters recede.

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