U.S. Company To Acquire Saint John Cannabis Lifestyle Media Business Civilized

Civilized publisher and co-owner of Revolution Strategy Derek Riedle (right) talks with Martha Stewart and former Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton at the 2019 World Cannabis Congress in Saint John. (Image: World Cannabis Congress, Facebook.)

Updated: Oct.17, 3:00 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO – A data analytics company specializing in the cannabis industry has announced its plans to acquire Civilized, a cannabis lifestyle media company that’s based in Saint John and Los Angeles.

New Frontier Data announced its plans to acquire Civilized at New West Summit 2019, one day after it announced its purchase of Zefyr, another cannabis data firm, for more than $10-million (U.S.).

“Our plan is to merge sophisticated information platforms to offer detailed, accurate and timely predictive analytics and actionable intelligence to companies looking to connect with today’s cannabis consumer,” said New Frontier Data Founder and CEO Giadha Aguirre de Carcer, in a news release.

“Civilized’s intelligent and thoughtful relationship with millions of cannabis consumers provides brands with a responsible and compliant way to engage, inform and influence buying behavior in this unique global marketplace.”

Civilized aims to engage cannabis consumers, influencers and multinational brands with niche and mainstream content, access to exclusive events, and an informed cannabis lifestyle experience.

“This is a smart and unique opportunity that will not only strengthen our offering but bring real value to our investors through increased revenue streams and partnerships,” said Terri Riedle, president of Civilized, in the release. “This merger allows for even richer digital, broadcast and podcast content and will help us better understand and deepen our relationship with consumers.”

The details of the planned acquisition have not been disclosed. It is also not clear what it would mean for Civilized’s Saint John operations and popular events it staged in Saint John, the World Cannabis Congress and the Moonlight Bazaar.

Huddle reached out to both Civilized and New Frontier Data for an interview. New Frontier referred all questions to Civilized.

A spokesperson for Civilized told Huddle via email that the information in New Frontier’s press release was everything that could be shared at this point because “it’s still very early in the process and it’s expected it will take some time” and that the company was looking forward to making more announcements as soon as it’s able to.