Tuck Interiors Is Turning Its Offices Into Saint John’s Newest Trendy Venue

Image: Kelly Lawson

SAINT JOHN– A Saint John business owner is opening up her trendy historic office space to the community.

Judith Mackin, the owner of Tuck Studio and Tuck Interiors, is opening up the Tuck Interiors’ location on Grannan Lane to rent for meetings, events and more.

Mackin secured the space at 38 Grannan lane last year with the purpose of moving her interior design side of her business there, while her retail store Tuck Studio operated just a few streets down on Prince William Street.

“One thing I didn’t take into consideration when putting that space together was I personally can’t be in two places at once. Even though I thought I would be doing a lot of quiet design work there, the reality is that I’m still down at the store, I’m still in client spaces,” says Mackin. “I just feel so badly that space is beautifully designed and ready to be used and we just don’t have the capacity to be doing pop-up shops all the time or openings.”

Though the events they have hosted so far have been successful, Mackin says it’s time to open the space up to be used by more of the community.

“The reality is that space should really be opened up to the community because it’s the best location in the city as far as I’m concerned,” she says. “It’s in that new, gentrified space, it has access to restaurants, bars, all of the uptown venues. So we just finally said, ‘listen, let’s work at making this a venue.'”

Take a look inside Tuck Interiors:

The Tuck Interiors offices are available to rent by the half day, full day, week or month. The space boasts a large kitchenette, WiFi, modular modern furnishings, a 9’ x 4’ live edge boardroom table complete with Flat Screen TV and Google Chromecast. The back door leads to the washrooms and quick access to Rogue CoffeeYuk Yuk’s Comedy ClubFive & Dime, and Italian by Night. Rental rates start at 2 hours minimum, with special being offered for non-profits and charities.

Mackin says the location could be used for many purposes, such as meetings, pop-up shops, workshops, interviews parties and more. She hopes it will provide a venue that’s not being offered elsewhere in the city.

“The big thing for us when we did our market analysis, there’s nowhere else really offering this. There are people doing a boardroom in their restaurant or something like that,” says Mackin. “But at this scale and size, it’s such a stunning space. I think it’s a real showpiece … To me, it shows a venue that just doesn’t exist right now in the city and we’re pleased to share that.”