These #MonctonTacoWeek Pictures Will Make You Drool

Image: monctontacoweek, via Instagram.

This week, Moncton is holding its inaugural Taco Week, an event where 17 restaurants, cafes and food trucks in the area are getting creative with tacos for everyone’s consumption.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we’re not in Moncton and won’t get the chance in indulge all these beautiful, delicious taco creations.

So we’re left with drooling on our phones and keyboards from afar because a lot of people are posting photos of their tacos on Instagram (that’s kinda why the platform exists right? To post pictures of your food?).

We at Huddle decided to go through and compile some of the best #MonctonTacoWeek pictures so far. To be honest, we did this for completely selfish reasons.

If these photos make you extremely envious, there is still time! Moncton Taco Week continues through until Monday, May 7!

Dolma tacos 😍What a kicker in taste! YUM! #monctontacoweek #taco

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Ginger eyeing this @monctontacoweek taco from Guacamole #monctontacoweek

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