The Vegolution Menu…In Bite-Size Clay Miniatures

Vegolution's mini vegan nacho dip (Sarah Broome)

SAINT JOHN – Vegolution is one of many Saint John restaurants to close its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, but people can still view their menu in bite-size clay miniatures on Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah Broome, co-owner and chef at Vegolution, had started making tiny clay objects around two months ago for her daughter to put in her doll house.

“I thought that rather than go out and buy all the plastic little things you can buy, that anything I could make I should try to make for her, so I kind of got into it that way,” she said.

After the province declared a state of emergency, Broome came up with the idea to recreate the restaurant’s menu with clay, “to keep people thinking about us and interested, and it might make them smile.”

She started posting last Thursday, March 19th and will be posting one clay picture a day.

“They take quite some time to make,” Broome explained. “The carrot cake was a bit of a learning experience on just how to get it to look right.”

The tiny dishes, from Vegolution’s Santa Fe salad to its vegan nacho cheese dip with corn chips and jalapenos, are created from paint, clay and pencil crayons and shaped by Broome’s nails and wooden tools.

“I like the challenge of just sitting there and making use of my hands until it looks how I want it to,” she said.

Generally, she starts a day’s tiny dish in the evening and then finishes them up the next morning.

The response so far to Vegolution’s clay dishes on social media has been positive and growing.

“Lots of people are commenting on Instagram and Facebook, probably more than a few hundred likes in the few days I’ve been doing them,” she said.