Six Moncton Tech Companies Making Waves in HR

Moncton has become a major startup hub in New Brunswick in recent years, but one of the tech specialty areas comes as a surprise.

Jared Goodman, content marketing coordinator for Moncton-based Ironflow Technologies, recently pointed something out to me –  that quite a few of these companies are focused on the human resources sector.

“It amazes me how there happens to be this accumulation of HR Tech companies in this community,” said Goodman. “When I think about what might have been the cause or attraction I think it just comes down to Moncton being home to talented and motivated entrepreneurs who think there are better ways to manage and ultimately grow your business and they just do it. It’s totally inspiring.”

Here’s a look at some of Moncton’s HR tech companies that are making waves:


Image: Alongside

Formerly known as Qimple, Alongside aims to improve and simplify the hiring process for both employers and job seekers. CEO Yves Boudreau got the idea for the company back in 2012.

“I was helping people with a career fair and I thought there was a lot of inefficiencies,” said Boudreau said in a previous interview with Huddle. “There were a lot of things that were done manually that I felt could be automated and there could be better tools to match job seekers with employers looking for candidates.”

Alongside allows companies to create a profile, jobs postings and create customized application forms. They are able to post to more than 30 different job boards (Career Beacon, Monster, etc) with just one click. The platform also offers tools that allow employers to keep track of candidates and make short-lists. No more long email chains or excel spreadsheets. The company is aiming to make hiring “fun again” by optimizing the recruiting process and “bridging the communication gap” between employers and candidates.

PurelyHR (Ironflow Technologies Inc.)

IronFlow founder and CEO Jason Gendron.
Image: Submitted

In 2016 IronFlow Technologies launched a new online HR suite called PurelyHR, which aims to provide businesses with all their HR administration needs.

“Great managers all have one thing in common. They want to maximize time spent on the needs of their employees and build strong relationships with their teams. Unfortunately, many managers are too busy working on administrative duties to focus on what matters most, the employees,” Ironflow Technologies president Jason Gendron previously told Huddle.

“To change this awful trend, we have developed an on-demand suite of HR modules called PurelyHR. PurelyHR offers a tailored solution where companies have the ability to choose from a wide range of modules to satisfy their specific HR needs and efficiently manage their team. By offering an on-demand system, we offer a more flexible and affordable option for growing small and medium-sized businesses.”

Modules include maintaining records on staff; monitoring who’s in or out of the office in real-time; scheduling and tracking employee working hours of employees; and issues warnings to staff for infractions.


Thierry Comtois, the founder of GradsFinder.
Image: Submitted

In case you haven’t heard, it can be hard to here in the job market for a millennial. A lot of them can’t find jobs. At the same time, there’s a lot of employers out there saying they can’t find the talent they need. GradsFinder is looking to solve that:

“[GradsFinder is] a search engine that instead of creating a job post, [companies] go there and create filters, [the companies] put in the information and the keywords that they are looking for and [GradsFinder’s] algorithms do the rest,” said the company’s founder Thierry Comtois in a previous chat with Huddle. “It will give some suggestions of the potential candidates that could fit the company.”

The mobile-focused platform makes the search process faster, and more convenience for the job seekers. By displaying the top 10 best opportunities that the candidate is qualified for in their location, GradsFinder can ensure quality over quantity of the candidates suggested to employers. The employers are also able to proactively search for candidates in GradsFinder’s database and filter based on their needs for a specific role.


The Porpoise team Image: Submitted

Porpoise makes it easier for companies to elevate and celebrate employees who are volunteering and giving back to their community. Their mobile-first platform allows employees within an organization to share their moments of giving, turning it into a social experience while at the same time collecting metrics for employers. It also allows employers to easily cultivate a mission of corporate social responsibility. For example, the platform offers a granting program, so when an employee reaches a certain milestone, the employer can give them a cheque to give to the organization of their choice.

“The employees are seeing this as a way to direct the company’s corporate social responsibility and the employers are seeing this as a way to acknowledge and reward what their employees care about an align individual values with the company guide,” said CEO Topher Kingsley-Williams in a previous interview with Huddle. “The large decisions are now being made through what the trends are within their employee base and giving is being directed by individual people, not at board decision levels.”


Dovico CEO Yves Doucet.
Image: Submitted

Timesheets. For many businesses, they are necessary, but also a pain in the ass.

Dovico makes it less so. Their timesheet can be used for tracking IT, consulting and employee time. The product can be customized and tailored to your needs and allows for easy integration with other company data. Much more useful than a Excel document.

You can check out our profile of Dovico’s CEO Yves Doucet here.


VidCruiter CEO Sean Fahey.
Image: YouTube

Around since 2009, Vidcruiter offers several digital services that allow companies to streamline recruitment and hiring. Services include video interviewing, interview scheduling, structured digital interviews, automated referencing and more. On their website, the company cites clients such as General Motors, The Government of Canada and IntroHive.