Silicon Valley’s RevJet Moves Office from Ukraine to Saint John

RevJet CEO Mitchell Weisman and some of the company's R&D employees who've moved to Saint John from Ukraine.

SAINT JOHN – A Silicon Valley-based company has opened shop in the port city.

RevJet is a software company that was created by LifeStreet Media, a leader in global in-app advertising for Apple iOS, Android and Facebook platforms. The company’s software helps digital advertising generate more traction by creating better, higher performing ads.

With a commitment of $400,000 from the province of New Brunswick in the form of payroll rebates, the company has moved its research and development division from the Ukraine to Saint John. The employees started moving to their new Saint John office in October. In total, 20 employees and 28 spouses and children have moved to Saint John.

Employees were previously working out of two offices in Ukraine, but with growing unrest in the country, the company decided it was time for the division to relocate.

RevJet CEO Mitchell Weisman said they were looking at other possible locations. With limited visa openings in the United States, the company looked to Canada for opportunities. He said the province’s pitch and efforts to make a smooth transition process helped close the deal.

“We were considering places in America, we were considering other places in Canada and it really was the way the province behaved and executed,” Weisman said. “We hear promises all the time, and it’s very rare that people actually follow through.”

The work being done in the Saint John includes software development and QA testing. In addition to the 20 employees who’ve already immigrated to New Brunswick, Weismen said more positions could be on the way.

“We’ve hired a full-time recruiter here to recruit for the company,” he said. “And frankly, it’s becoming a competitive advantage for us in recruiting in Eastern Europe as well. We’re interviewing all over the place.”

Weisemen said he was unsure how many new people the company hires will work in Saint John.

“We’re hiring lots of people. As a technology company, we hire all over the world,” he said.  “So I don’t know how many will be here. But I will tell you our experience here has been fantastic.”