Saint John Getting More Tuck

Keith Brideau, president Historica Properties and Judith Mackin. Image: Submitted

SAINT JOHN – Just about three months after moving into their new uptown Saint John location, Tuck Studio is expanding yet again.

On Tuesday the company announced another expansion into the city’s uptown core. Tuck owner and founder Judith Mackin’s interior design firm Tuck Interiors will be opening its own location at 38 Grannan Alley.

“When we moved Tuck Studio from zero level of our home to the uptown we had projected we would be busy, but we weren’t quite prepared for exactly how busy we’ve found ourselves,” said Mackin, in a release.  “Since opening in our new location, we’ve more than quadrupled sales and traffic. Frankly, we’re surprised by the level of support by our clientele, new and old, from both the greater Saint John area and other areas within the province, specifically Fredericton and Moncton.”

Mackin currently runs two companies out of the Tuck Studio’s Prince William Street location. There’s Tuck, the store, which specializes in modern furnishings, lighting, art and décor; then there’s Tuck Interiors, the interior design business which offers interior design services to both residential and commercial clients.

Basically, they ran out of room.

“Our team has grown from three to six full-time employees and we’ve simply run out of room in the store for our interior design business.  We’d originally built an upper mezzanine to be office space for our design team,” said Mackin. “However, we’re simply bursting at the seams and need more office space.  We’ll now use the upper level to display more furniture and decor for an enhanced shopping experience.”

Tuck Interiors will take over the lower corner space directly across from where Port City Royal and directly underneath the new Italian by Night restaurant (opening soon).  Mackin says the space, leased through Historica, will also serve as a venue for ‘pop-up’ shopping and to host art and design exhibits throughout the year.

Tuck Interiors will be moving this October.