Pub Down Under Will Open A Second Location In Uptown Saint John

Image: Facebook.

SAINT JOHN – Pub Down Under will soon be opening a new uptown location on Prince William Street.

Owner Liz Fulton says she hopes to provide a kind of atmosphere not typically found uptown.

“I’m just an average, every day working person, so that’s the kind of business I want to have, something for an average, everyday working person so they can afford to go out and enjoy themselves. The menu uptown will be the same with taxes in, so the bottom price you see is what you pay. Nobody else does that,” she said.

Fulton says people have been asking her to open a second location of the bar for a while. When the space uptown finally became available, she thought it would be a good fit.

“We’ve been just listening to the customers, and there’s been a bit of demand to see our style and our price of food uptown. We’re just going to do the exact same thing. I’m going to have live music in the evenings, the same price food, the same specials, the same atmosphere, it’s just going to be uptown,” she said.

This isn’t Fulton’s first foray into owning an uptown bar. She currently owns and operates Callie’s on Princess Street.

“I’m there seven days a week,” she said.

She says she will be looking to hire 10 to 15 new staff to run the bar and hopes to hold interviews soon.

Fulton says despite being surrounded by other bars, she thinks Pub Down Under will stand out.

“I think it’ll stand on its own and be very self-sufficient up there. Where can you go uptown and buy a 10oz steak with the sides and the trimmings for $15 taxes in? Where can you go on a Thursday and get a hot hamburger and fries for $5 taxes in?”

As for the current Pub Down Under, Fulton says it’s unlike any other bar in the city.

“Everybody talks to everybody. It’s like a little family. If a tourist comes in from the hotel, somebody at the bar is talking to them. Nobody is every lonely or by themselves in there, everyone is friendly and gets along, its kind of great,” she said.

Fulton says she also hopes to continue having live music at the new location as many nights as possible.

Pub Down Under 2.0 is expected to open sometime in March.

Danielle McCreadie is a reporter with CHSJ/Country 94, a Huddle content partner.