ProcedureFlow and Deloitte Enter Partnership To Reach New Markets

Ciaran Coates, director of partnership development at ProcedureFlow. Image: Submitted.

SAINT JOHN – A Saint John-based company has teamed up with one of Canada’s leading professional services firms to penetrate new markets in North America and across the globe.

ProcedureFlow, a knowledge management solution, has partnered with Deloitte as part of an ongoing mission to help organizations reduce their training and onboarding time, and improve their customer service.

The partnership has Deloitte playing a critical role in the implementation of ProcedureFlow as well as providing ongoing services and support for ProcedureFlow customers. This enables organizations to benefit from the broad range of product features inside ProcedureFlow, along with the added expertise and insight from Deloitte’s professional services.

“ProcedureFlow has an impressive ROI,” said Derek Fitzgerald, the Atlantic leader for Deloitte Value Creation Services, in a news release. “We share a common commitment to provide our customers with industry leading solutions. ProcedureFlow has been able to achieve significant reduction in training and onboarding time, reduce operating costs and empower staff to strengthen client relationships. We are delighted to be joining forces with them, and look forward to working with their team to penetrate new markets and bring value to our customers.”

ProcedureFlow is a re-imagined contact centre knowledge base. It aims to make the most complicated information easy and intuitive to create, maintain, and use, even in highly regulated and complicated industries. It provides every employee with the exact information they need to handle any contact scenario, making employees confident in their abilities very close to day one on the job.

“We are thrilled to be working with Deloitte and are eager to execute our go to market strategy with them,” said Ciaran Coates, director of partnership development at ProcedureFlow.

“As a rapidly growing organization, we need to provide the best possible professional services for our customers, and that’s exactly what Deloitte brings to the table – the best of the best. Teaming up with Deloitte will enable us to further accelerate our growth, and provide an enhanced customer experience to our incredible customers. They’ll receive professional services that are tailored to their unique business needs, allowing them to quickly see measurable results that have a significant impact on their business.”