Pomodori Pizzeria Opens Location In Uptown Saint John

(Image: Cherise Letson/Huddle Today)

SAINT JOHN – Pomodori Pizzeria, a popular Neapolitan-style pizza place in Rothesay, has officially opened its second location in uptown Saint John.

Pomodori‘s new location is at 34 Canterbury Street next door to Picaroons in the complex owned by Historica Developments. The space was previously occupied by Locavore Cafe, which closed in December.

The Rothesay Pomodori opened in 2008, and co-owner Janice MacPherson says they always planned to open the second one. She told Huddle Wednesday morning that they’re excited to finally open.

“It feels amazing,” she said. “Today is going to be an interesting day. It’s the first day with a lot of new staff so it will be interesting to see how [it goes], but we’re looking forward to it for sure.”

Pomodori specializes in fresh, quick-service Neapolitan pizza. Like their Rothesay location, the uptown Pomodori will also serve gelato as well. Macpherson says the new location will also serve freshly-squeezed lemonade and eventually iced coffee. The new location will also be able to deliver pizzas to Picaroons patrons next door.

Take a look inside Pomodori’s new uptown Saint John location: 

“Anyone at Picaroons can come over and place an order and we will deliver it over to Picaroons,” says Macpherson.

The new Pomodori location will be open seven days a week. Macpherson says the resturant will fill in a gap in the current food offings in uptown Saint John.

“I think we’re actually filling a void in the uptown,” she says.”We’re that mid-range, real high quality good food, but served in a really fast environment. There’s a lot of full-service and there’s a lot of fast food, but we’re that slow food, served fast, is what we like to call ourselves.”

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