Ontario Cybersecurity Company Setting Up ‘Command Centre’ In Fredericton

Image: submitted by ONB.

FREDERICTON – A Ontario-based cybersecurity company is setting up a “cyber command centre” in Fredericton that will be staffed with five employees, the company announced Thursday.

Manoj Arora, founder and CEO of Diefenda, said they chose to locate in the city because of its growing cybersecurity sector.

“All the great work being done in creating New Brunswick’s cybersecurity ecosystem made this an easy choice for us,” said Anora in a release.

“Difenda was established by former military intelligence professionals with real-world cyber warfare experience. Our team has the skills, talent, expertise, cutting-edge technology, and advanced capabilities to defend organizations from cyber threats. Fredericton is the perfect place for the next stage of Difenda’s growth.”

Difenda is a global cybersecurity company with decades of experience helping companies manage their online security risks.

The new positions will include cyber-threat hunters, a malware analyst, an incident response analyst and a forensic analyst.

Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) is supporting Difenda’s expansion into the province with $120,000 in the form of payroll support, which provides salary assistance to businesses within the first year of a new round of hiring. ONB says this kind of investment helps create jobs in the early stages of a company’s growth.

The province estimates that the new jobs would contribute $1.9 million to the province’s GDP over three years and generate $153,000 in provincial taxes over that same period.

Banner image: Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier; Jeffrey Jacob, Director of Client Engagement, Difenda; Manoj Aurora, CEO and Managing Partner, Difenda; Frank Post  Senior Director Cloud Security, Difenda; JP Robicheau, VP Investment Attraction, ONB.

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