New Moncton Trampoline Park has All Ages Jumping on Board

The Get Air Moncton team (Image: submitted)

MONCTON–A new trampoline park in the Hub City is bringing in people of all ages to flip, dunk and dodge on its bouncy floors.

The new Moncton location is the first in New Brunswick for Get Air, a brand that began in Roy, Utah and spread across the United States, where there are now around 40 locations, and into Canada. The company also currently has a location in Japan, is in the midst of opening two in Mexico and is exploring other international locations.

Image: submitted

Image: submitted

The first couple weeks of being open in Moncton have been a success, according to Get Air Canadian district manager Shauna Bremner.

“We do a lot of research and market studies as far as areas that can support a business like ours and don’t have something like [this],” Bremner said. “Moncton seemed to be a location that was lacking in sporting facilities and things to do for people indoors during the winter months. Generally we don’t go into major cities, like big metropolis cities. We try to stay in smaller cities so that we can build and be part of a community rather than just a drop in the bucket in a big city.”

Bremner says that over the last few years, trampoline parks have taken off. She says most people are still surprised at what Get Air parks offer when they experience them for themselves.

“It’s not like a trampoline in your backyard and everybody does expect that when they come here, it is literally wall to wall trampolines,” Bremner said. “We have many other features at the park as well. We have ninja courses, we have jump pits, we have dodgeball on trampolines.”

Get Air Moncton offers different schedules and features for visitors of different heights. They also offer birthday party packages, blacklight nights, family nights and fundraising opportunities.

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Image: submitted

With another trampoline park by a different company opening at the end of the month, Bremner says she’s confident that Get Air will still be able to stand out in the community thanks to their level of safety precautions and the fact that they’ve developed and improved their park through close communication with customers.

Bremner says Get Air has received an incredibly supportive reaction from the Moncton community since opening on October 28.

“People were so receptive and it’s just been great. People have been very happy … it’s new, it will settle down but the community has just been 100% behind us and very supportive. We’re very happy to be in the area.”

“When I actually first came out there, I was out there for two weeks [and] the people of Moncton were very receptive. Just a great, great community, a hard-to-find type of community … Everybody was behind us, supported us and you don’t always get that. Big kudos to Moncton.”