New Brunswick’s Economy Lost 1,100 Jobs In June

Image: iStock.

The New Brunswick economy lost 1,100 jobs in June and the unemployment rate rose to 7.5 per cent, according to the latest Statistics Canada labour force survey.

The employed workforce shrunk from 356,900 in May to 355,800 in June. The full-time job picture was even bleaker, with the report saying the province lost 2,300 jobs. The economy created 1,300 part-time positions to make up some of the ground lost in the full-time job market.

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In the Saint John area, the unemployment rate fell from 6.6 per cent in May to 6.2 per cent in June. The employed workforce grew from 60,400 to 61,600.

In the Moncton region, the unemployment rate rose from 6 per cent in May to 6.4 per cent. The employed workforce rose from 85,000 in May to 85,400 in June, but there were more people looking for work, with the labour force participation rate rising from 66 per cent to 66.2 per cent.