NB Tech Firm Signs Major Deal With NHL’S Coyotes

Image: Michael Wifall, via Flickr

SAINT JOHN – Saint John-based Spinzo Corporation is helping the Arizona Coyotes sell some tickets.

The team announced Tuesday that they have reached an agreement with Spinzo for the use of its online buying platform for both private and public group ticket sales. The Spinzo platform combines pricing discounts and social media to stimulate ticket sales.

“Spinzo has recently been recognized as a Certified Ticketmaster partner which means we can work with any organization selling tickets through Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket sales and distribution company.  This makes us very attractive to sports teams like the Coyotes,” said Spinzo CEO Emmanuel Elmajian.

The Coyotes will use the Spinzo’s platform to help sell blocks of tickets to groups.

“The concept is straightforward,” said Coyotes EVP of Ticket Sales and Strategy Jeff Morander. “Groups of Coyotes fans, such as schools, corporate parties or community groups are encouraged to buy their group-discounted tickets through a Coyotes-branded online site powered by Spinzo. The final ticket price depends on the overall number of buyers. As ticket buyers tell their friends and colleagues about the promotion, the price drops for everyone. We set all of the pricing parameters to optimize the savings based on group size.”

The platform is customized to use the organization’s brand, including logo and color scheme. A countdown clock indicates the time remaining in each promotion which stimulates urgency, and a real-time price meter indicates the current ticket price. Combining these features, the Spinzo platform is designed to actively engage ticket buyers and drive sales.

Elmajian said Spinzo’s goal of using social media to connecting merchants and consumers works well for sports teams.

“An unsold seat is lost revenue that can never be recovered,” he said. “Our goal has always been to help organizations use the power of social media to become more profitable.”

The contract between the Coyotes and Spinzo is effective immediately, and the Coyotes have already deployed the platform for selected groups.