National Organization Wants To Develop Angel Investment Networks in Atlantic Canada

Claudio Rojas, CEO of the National Angel Capital Organization.

The National Angel Capital Organization is focusing its effort to develop angel networks in certain areas like Atlantic Canada and believes its Angel Summit in Halifax next month will be a “critical” step in achieving the goal.

The mission of NACO, as the Toronto-based organization is known, is to develop networks of angel investors across the country and educate them on best practices in sinking their money into startups. As part of this endeavor, the organization will hold an Angel Summit in Halifax on September 16-17 in collaboration with the latest Invest Atlantic conference, titled Funding Founders.

In an interview in Toronto this week, NACO Chief Executive Claudio Rojas said there are various regions of the country – largely those outside the major cities – where more needs to be done to gather and educate angel investors. The effort is needed in order to bring early-stage capital to young companies and prepare them for larger investment rounds.

“Angel investors take a leap of faith on entrepreneurs every day – they’re the bedrock of any startup community,” said Rojas, who took over his position earlier this year from Yuri Navarro, who left to join Panache Ventures. “We’re especially interested in the parts of Canada with high-potential founders that would benefit from better access to early-stage capital.”

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