N.B. Orchard Will Make ‘Storm Cider’ With Apples Lost Off Trees During Dorian

Image: Belliveau Orchard Facebook page.

Belliveau Orchard in Memramcook is taking advantage of the apples lost off trees during Dorian.

When the storm blew through, most of the damage was in the number of apples that fell from the trees.

“We did have some fallen trees, but our damage was more on the lines of apples on the ground, before we were able to harvest them,” says company spokesperson Serge Leblanc.

They came up with an idea that will benefit cider lovers.

“Because we are in the cider business, and on the alcohol side of things, we have that flexibility. Instead of using them as deer apples, we thought it would be more exciting and a better business plan to make a Storm Cider with the apples that were lost,” Leblanc says.

He anticipates having between ten to fifteen thousand litres, which is the equivalent of around 30, 000 cans of cider.

“In our other ciders, we work for months and months to find the right recipe. For this one, we have a pretty good idea with what types of apples are on the ground, but we will have to make a blend of that and see what we can come up with,” Leblanc says.

They will be distributing the cider across the province, and it’s hoped it will be on the shelves within the next two to three weeks.

It is only available for a limited time.

Tara Clow is the news director with 91.9 The Bend, an Acadia Broadcasting station in Moncton. Acadia is a Huddle content partner.