Moncton Spas Offer Discounts to Customers of Ego Studios

Ego Studio on Mountain Road, Moncton. Image: Inda Intiar/Huddle

MONCTON – Pure Serenity Spa and Razor’s Edge Hair & Spa are offering discounts to holders of Ego Studios gift cards following news that the company has closed. The tattoo, piercing and hair shop’s website and Facebook page have been taken down, and its staff are looking elsewhere for work.

Pure Serenity Spa’s owners, Melissa Corbin and Jessica Hamilton, found out about the closing after a hairstylist from Ego called them.

“We had an interview with a hairdresser that called us asking if we had chairs and she basically told us that [Ego] was closing,” Corbin said in an interview with Huddle.

“So we actually interviewed her yesterday. She didn’t tell us exactly when [the closing] happened but I guess they only found out at the new year, or around that,” she said.

Mike Coleman, the owner of Ego Studio, has made no official announcement that it has shut down. Huddle’s multiple attempts contact Coleman and the shop were unsuccessful.

Pure Serenity Spa, located on Cross Street, will honour gift certificates Ego’s customers bought by giving them discounts. Razor’s Edge on Main Street is making a similar gesture.

“Because we actually told ourselves, if it was us in their place, we wouldn’t be happy at all. It would’ve upset us having to spend that much money for a present and yet you can’t get it back. So we offered the clients this discount until their gift card is fully spent,” Corbin said.

“We can’t use the gift certificates all at once because we didn’t get the money, but they can use them a little bit with the percentages [of discounts] until it’s complete.”

Pure Serenity Spa co-owner, Melissa Corbin. Image: Inda Intiar/Huddle.

Pure Serenity is offering between 20 per cent to 60 per cent off for hair and aesthetic services at the suggestion of its hairstylist, Josee Savoie. The spa will also convert gift certificates for piercings and tattoos into services that it offers.

“Anybody that has gift certificates can use it here for the amount that they have,” Corbin said.

Razor’s Edge owner Karen Hall said she first saw news of Ego closing in a Facebook group. A hairstylist from Ego has also called her shop looking for possibilities.

Razor’s Edge posted on its Facebook page that it will offer a one-time, 20 per cent discount on any service for customers with Ego Studios gift cards.

“Being a locally owned salon, I feel really bad for the owner, and also the clients and the staff,” Hall said in a phone interview. “Because he’s local too and that’s a hard pill to take when you close your business.”

Ego Studios opened on Mountain Road in June 2016.

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