Moncton Night Market to Promote Local Creatives and Downtown Vibrancy

Miriah Kearney, the owner of My Home Mercantile, is organizing the Moncton Makers Night Market.

MONCTON – This summer, the Moncton Maker Night Market will bring music and creativity to the Oak Lane downtown.

“It’s a celebration of local makers,” said organizer Miriah Kearney. “And it’s a community gathering space for people to come, shop and enjoy the downtown atmosphere and also hopefully explore other shops and restaurants in the area.”

So far, around 40 vendors have applied for the first market on June 28. Twenty will be included in each of the three market nights.

“We’ve had people that make furniture apply, we’ve had jewellery makers, crochet makers, clothing, photographers, we have a full range,” she said. “Everybody will get an opportunity one time throughout the summer at least [to sell at the market]. I’m suspecting after the first night market, we’ll have more [vendors] apply.”

Kearney is the CEO and Creative Director of My Home Mercantile, previously My Home Apparel, on Main Street. Her store, which is a branch of the main store in Truro, N.S., carries various items made locally. So the market is an “obvious fit,” she said.

She had also wanted to see a market on Oak Lane since she first sourced out locations in Moncton a year ago.

“I said if I open a store, I really want to create some type of market atmosphere. I approached the downtown and they thought it was a great idea. So, here we are,” she said.

Many vendors already sell hand-made products at various markets on weekends. But Kearney hopes the market will provide a platform for makers and creators in the area to sell their products during the week, too.

That’s partly why the night market will be held on a Thursday in each summer month, Kearney said. The first one will be on June 28, followed by one on July 19 and another on August 23.

“There’s a very strong maker and creator community here in Moncton. There’s just not a lot of platforms for them to sell their stuff. So, I hope this will be the beginning and there will just be more opportunities.”

Kearney also wants to capture the people that work downtown by having the market open from 4 PM to 8 PM.

“Moncton [city centre] is very worker-driven. They finish around 4 and we see a spike in traffic around that time,” she said. “Moncton thrives during the week in the downtown core, and then at the weekends, it’s pretty quiet.”

The market is family friendly as Kearney hopes those with children who live outside downtown can also participate. So far, more than 2,000 people have said they’re “interested” to attend on Facebook.

The market won’t have food vendors, except for ready-made food and lemonade. She’s hoping attendants will also check out other restaurants, shops and cafes along Main Street.

“I told all the restaurants to make sure they’re open because there’s going to be a lot of people downtown,” she said. “Hopefully we get 1,000 people, that would blow my mind. I really want people to come and feel like they’re part of this and celebrate the amazing talent that’s in Moncton and surrounding area.”

Vendors and musicians interested to take part in the July and August markets can contact Kearney to apply.

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