Moncton Is Getting Its Own Dedicated Spin Studio

Inside a SPINCO studio. Image: Submitted

MONCTON – The Hub City is getting a dedicated indoor cycling studio, which will open October 25.

Ali Manship, a former wellness coach of the Moncton Magic basketball team, is opening a franchise branch of British Columbia spin fitness company SPINCO.

Located at 1690 Mountain Rd., the gym offers a full-body workout using indoor cycling machines. People ride in the dark to the beat of the music, with the support of coaches.

“SPINCO is a fitness studio designated to spinning, but the concept is that we create an experience in the room where you ride to the beat of the music. You’re in a dark room. There’s a disco ball,” Manship says. “We do an upper body weight track as well.”

But beyond the physical workout, Manship says the studio offers an inclusive community.

“It’s really about riding together as a team, building community and getting through challenging situations together,” she said. “If you push through a challenging track, you mentally create that sense of, ‘oh I can do this’ and then we hope that that translates outside the studio to empowering people to become stronger and more motivated and more empowered in their own lives.”

Riding in the dark also allows people who are nervous to be more comfortable.

“You ride in the dark. So for people who are nervous or uncomfortable being in group situations when it comes to fitness – it’s a very vulnerable thing, I think that aspect of it helps people to learn to come in,” she said.

Ali Manship. Image: Submitted

Manship said she first encountered a SPINCO studio when she lived in Halifax and fell in love with it, mostly because of the community it provided her. She’s been working to prepare for the gym’s opening in the last year and a half.

“When I made the decision to move back to Moncton, I couldn’t live without it,” she said.

Manship says she wants to provide a space for people to create a community that’s motivated and inspired by each other.

“I think fitness is the easiest way that you can begin to connect with people. And I think, having that place in Moncton is going to be so healing for people and so transformative, and really that’s our driving force more than anything else,” she said.

The gym has 38 bikes, showers stocked with necessities, towel service and a water station. It also offers ear plugs, hair elastics, face wipes and other things members may need. Additionally, SPINCO sells branded merchandise and S’well bottles.

Organizations can book the gym for private rides, and Friday evenings are dedicated to charity, where the payment made for all the bikes booked at that time will be donated to a charity.

Monthly memberships cost $150 and the price of a single class pass is $20. The price per class goes down for passes of 10 or 20 classes. Discounted pre-sale prices are available until Friday, October 4.