Moncton IHOP Opens With 80 Employees And Lineups Outside The Door

Image: 91.9 The Bend.

MONCTON – The International House of Pancakes is now serving Atlantic Canada.

The IHOP on Mountain Road had its grand opening Tuesday morning and many excited customers lined up outside the restaurant.

One of them was Sheldon Coish who took advantage of his day off to check out the new spot.

“Pretty consistent, I think I said at the table ‘hey the pancakes are made exactly the way I’m used to’. We have it in the States sometimes when we travel so we’re excited to see it in Moncton, at last,” he said.

General manager Trevor Rowe was excited to finally welcome customers. Rowe says customer’s feedback indicates they’ve met expectations for the well-known American chain.

Approximately 80 staff members were hired.

Even during their training ahead of the grand opening, Rowe says they turned away at least 40 customers.

Christina Mulherin is a reporter with 91.9 The Bend, a Huddle content partner.