Moncton Entrepreneur Bringing Self-care to Forefront with New Event

An entrepreneur, a busy mother of two and the wearer of many hats, Angela Harris wants to emphasize the importance of listening to your heart.

Founder of Work of Heart Creative and vice-president of business relations at 3+ Moncton, Harris is bringing together a team of seven speakers to share their personal stories with the aims to inspire and promote self-care at a day-long retreat called Work of Heart–A Day for You, taking place March 25 at the Royal Oaks Golf & Country Club in Moncton.

Angela Harris.
Image: Submitted

“There’s no perfect solution on how to best take care of yourself. Every single person is different,” Harris says. “I invited speakers that come from different backgrounds. They all have different stories and different things happened in their lives. They all have different ways of taking care of themselves. My hope is that by listening to their life stories [the audience] can get a couple things that [they] can take away.”

 Work of Heart features speakers from various backgrounds, like Nadine Larche, whose husband Doug Larche was one of the RCMP members killed in the line of duty on June 4, 2014; branding and marketing specialist Natalie Davison; physiotherapist and entrepreneur Chris Farias; coach John Gonzalez; and the creator of the Master Mindset event in 2016, Marcel Petitpas.

 The retreat also includes breakout sessions like meditation and reflection exercises by local yoga instructor, Cearagh Vessey.

 Natalie Davison, one of the event speakers, says her talk will focus on the community and how it has helped her mental health and wellness. She says her favorite thing about the event is that most of the speakers are regular people who aren’t usually expected to be talking about mental health and wellness.

 “We are talking about real people. This isn’t something that we learned in a textbook. We are talking about actual human interactions, our human challenges, struggles and real experiences,” says Davison. “[The speakers are] very relatable to the audience and I think that is very unique. I don’t think there is anything like it. It’s just a bunch of real people talking about real stories.”

 As a person who struggled with mental health herself, Harris believes everyone knows how to take care of themselves, but the lack of time and motivation are the real obstacles. She came up with the concept of Work of Heart with the hopes to use real stories to show the importance of self-care.

“I think that if you want to be successful in life, in your business, in anything. It starts with you. It starts with you being the best that you can possibly be,” Harris adds.

Harris says she hopes that this retreat will be the first of many in the Work of Heart event series.