J.D. Irving, Limited Plans to Fill More Than 10,000 Jobs Over the Next Three Years

SAINT JOHN – J.D. Irving, Limited plans to fill approximately 10,400 jobs over the next three years, most of them in Atlantic Canada, says Director of Recruitment Jeff Green.

Green said they expect to fill 5,101 of those jobs in New Brunswick and 2,167 in Nova Scotia.

“When we look at our three-year forecast from 2018-2020, 84 per cent of the jobs we need to fill are in the Atlantic provinces,” said Green in a release. “Sixty-nine per cent of the jobs are in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia alone.”

The rest of the positions will be filled in JDI’s Canadian operations in Ontario and Alberta, and Maine, North Dakota, New York and Georgia in the U.S.


Green said the company will need to fill positions because some people will leave JDI’s various companies and need to be replaced, and others will be hired to fill new jobs created because of growth. People will be hired to meet needs in a broad range of areas.

“Our growth forecast is made up of natural attrition, planned growth, as well as anticipated retirements,” he said. “In broad strokes, the three main areas we’re focused on filling are operations, shipping, supply and logistics, as well as retail sales.”

Of the more 10,400 positions to be filled, 1,510 of them are projected to be new jobs in Canada and 190 new ones in the United States.

JDI says its hiring plans include finding people to help build ships in Halifax for the Canadian navy and to staff a $400-million tissue plant in Macon, Ga., it announced in September, expected to create 200 jobs.

In that three-year time frame, the company also expects to hire 2,558 students, which is included in the overall hiring forecast.


With files from The Canadian Press