Dieppe Company Ironflow Creates Employee Tracking Software

IronFlow founder and CEO Jason Gendron. Image: Submitted

Ironflow Technologies Inc., a Dieppe, NB-based human resources software company, has launched its PurelyHR platform to expand the range of products it offers small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2010, Ironflow launched Time-Off Manager, a SaaS product that helps companies simplify the task of letting employees book time off. It is now being used by more than 1,700 companies in more than 65 countries.

Those 1,700 customers have now been upgraded to the PurelyHR platform, which gives them the option of subscribing to as many as four additional services, or modules. As well as the vacation-booking system, PurelyHR lets SMEs add modules so they can: maintain records on their staff;  monitor who’s in or out of the office in real-time; schedule and track working hours of employees; and issue warnings to staff members who have broken rules. A week or two after the official launch, about 100 of the existing clients have upgraded to add new modules.

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