Introducing New Brunswick Startup: WellTrack

With Propel ICT’s Demo Day  coming up on June 21 in Halifax, we’re chatting with all of the New Brunswick companies who will be pitching at the Neptune Theatre.

Today we meet Natasha O’Brien, COO of WellTrack.

1) What’s your pitch?

WellTrack provides access to online therapy for stress, anxiety and depression to help students suffering on university campuses. On nearly every university campus, there is a higher demand for counselling than they have the means to provide.

Therapy is an effective method of treatment for mental illness, but 2/3 of students who could benefit won’t seek help through traditional means, so we seek to provide access to those students that need help but will never make an appointment. WellTrack solves this problem by making effective therapy accessible, engaging and anonymous by bringing the therapeutic process online.

2) What’s your story?

Our CEO Darren Piercey is a leading researcher in online mental health. I have a background in business and marketing. We met in the first official Propel Launch 36 cohort, and have been working together on WellTrack for almost 4 years. WellTrack is based on Darren’s research at the university.

3) What’s next for you?

We’re currently raising a financing round of $1 million to help us scale up our sales and marketing operations. We’ve found product market fit, and now need to focus on becoming the market leader in online mental health