Introducing New Brunswick Startup: TotalPave

With Propel ICT’s Demo Day  coming up on June 21 in Halifax, we’re chatting with all of the New Brunswick companies who will be pitching at the Neptune Theatre.

Today we meet Coady Cameron, CEO of Fredericton-based TotalPave.

1) What’s your pitch?

TotalPave gives pavement engineers the ability to collect standard road condition data using smartphones instead of extremely expensive high speed data collection vans. The data collected allows these engineers to pinpoint exactly when and where to pave on an annual basis, stretching their budgets further and resulting in better condition roads.

It’s a lot like how we maintain our cars believe it or not. We all do well timed regular oil changes (minor maintenance) for a few bucks rather than spending a bunch of money replacing the engine (major rehabilitation). If you miss an oil change, you’ll end up burning the engine fast so time is of the essence. Same concept with roads and streets except pavement is really expensive and there’s a lot of it so these decisions have huge consequences. The data we provide shows the engineer exactly when and where they need to do this crucial minor maintenance before it’s too late.


2) What’s your story?

My cofounder/brother Drew and I started the company as students at the University of New Brunswick. I remember sitting in classes learning about the insanely expensive equipment used to collect this pavement condition data and thinking, “Why can’t I collect it with my smartphone?” From there I began developing the technical pieces through a Master’s of Science in Engineering, while Drew focused on the business side.

We just recently rounded out our team by bringing in Brad Woodside. He is our VP of Business Development, with 30+ years of municipal experience under his belt having served as Mayor of Fredericton. He is also the outgoing President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

3) What’s next for you?

We’ve tested the technology through multiple academic studies, and had a successful early adopters program last summer. Just recently we released a full V1 of the system and have gotten great traction in our back yard. Now it’s time to hit the global stage. We’re leveraging our network to hit direct sales in the US and Canada and working with a handful of channel partners that are giving us the opportunity to access foreign markets. This Fall will be huge for TotalPave.