Higgs Government Proposes Changes That Would Allow Sunday Home Sales

Image: Inda Intiar/Huddle.

FREDERICTON – The Higgs government is proposing changes to the Days of Rest Act and Exemptions Regulation Act to remove restrictions on selling real estate on Sunday.

“Our government wants to remove barriers for businesses to help create a more energized private sector,” said Environment and Local Government Minister Jeff Carr. “This amendment will have positive outcomes for both real estate agents and homebuyers as many people shop for real estate on weekends.”

Currently, open houses are permitted on Sundays through the Days of Rest Act and Exemptions Regulation Act, but not the selling of real estate.

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association requested these changes to the legislation. They represent more than 900 realtors around the province.

“In today’s economy, consumers expect to be able to conduct commerce seven days a week, and that includes the buying and selling of real estate,” said Kari McBride, chair of the government relations committee of the New Brunswick Real Estate Association. “Since 75 percent of open houses in New Brunswick occur on Sunday, this is great news for realtors and home buyers alike.”

New Brunswick is currently the only province that does not allow real estate agreements to be signed on Sundays.

Tamara Steele is a reporter with CHSJ/Country 94, a Huddle content partner.