Here’s What Muralist Hula Is Calling His Latest Saint John Painting

Hula's Ko'ana mural, a marketing project led by Discover Saint John. Image: Elizabeth MacLeod/Huddle

Saint John – The name of muralist Hula’s latest painting has been revealed.

Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, who painted his first mural for Saint John in 2017, has named his second mural in the city “Ko’ana.”

In the Hawaiian language, “Ko’ana” has two meanings. Its first, literal translation and meaning is “sediments,” while its figurative meaning is “focusing of the mind.”

“Sean is an expert in painting in extreme situations,” said Victoria Clarke, executive director of Discover Saint John.  “He was perfect for telling the story of how Saint John is the only city in the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides on the planet.”

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Ko’ana took 11 days to complete, with Yoro painting from July 28 to August 8 while standing on a paddleboard as the water rose and fell.

“We’re looking forward to having it come out and have people interact with it,” Clarke said.

Hula’s Ko’ana can still be admired down on Market Slip in uptown Saint John. The permanent home of the 28-by-40 foot mural, currently on an aluminum composite canvas, will be in the waterfront area, with its location still to be decided.

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