Happy Birthday Brunswick House

Brunswick House Image: Submitted

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A lot has changed in Saint John since 1967, but one thing remains the same: Brunswick House stands as the city’s premium office location.

The building, on the corner of King Street and Chipman Hill in the heart of the Uptown, was fully occupied in 1967, making 2017 its 50th birthday. It is Saint John’s original Class “A” high-rise office building.

Brunswick House was built by John (Jack) Irving and continues to be managed by Commercial Properties Limited, led by his son John Irving, president of Commercial Properties. Since its opening, Commercial Properties has invested heavily in maintaining the building’s status as one of the top office locations in New Brunswick.

A Premium Location

In an era of constant change, it seems remarkable that three of the original tenants are still located in Brunswick House: RBC Dominion Securities, Deloitte and Stewart McKelvey have been there since the very beginning.

“Brunswick House has been an excellent home base for our firm,” said Lydia Bugden, CEO and managing partner of Stewart McKelvey. “As a tenant since the building’s opening, we have had the unique opportunity to grow and change alongside Brunswick House. We couldn’t be happier with our experience here.”

With over 100,000 square feet of commercial space on its 14 floors, Brunswick House is still one of the tallest buildings in Saint John. Tenants enjoy panoramic views of the Saint John Harbour, and their offices are steps away from busy pedestrian areas. They can also easily get to many other buildings through the “Inside Connection” pedway system.

Continuous Improvement

A core of Commercial Properties’ philosophy is a commitment to excellence in building management. Over the past five decades, the company has invested millions of dollars in continuous improvements to Brunswick House’s infrastructure, including a memorable project in 2016 focused on upgrades to the building’s heating and cooling plant that saw a massive crane undertake the “Big Lift” of new equipment to the building’s roof.

Those continuous improvements have helped the building to meet today’s expected environmental standards. In fact, Brunswick House was the first privately-owned building in New Brunswick to be honoured with a Silver Level BOMA BEST certification, a mark of environmental sustainability and a distinction it maintains today.

“Our commitment to continually reinvesting in Brunswick House has helped maintain its status as the top office location in Saint John while also improving its environmental efficiency,” said Paul Moore, general manager of Commercial Properties.

“As we mark the building’s 50th birthday, we want to thank all our tenants for their support over the years, particularly our long-time friends at RBC Dominion Securities, Deloitte and Stewart McKelvey.”