Greater Moncton Business Community Launches ‘Love For Local’ Campaign

Image: Love For Local Facebook page

MONCTON – The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton has launched a Love For Local campaign, as support for local businesses is needed now more than ever.

CEO John Wishart says many non-essential businesses have been forced to close and they are looking for your help to get them through this COVID-19 crisis.

“This Love for Local page will give some profile to those sorts of businesses that still want access to customers. We just wanted to create a platform that will give them that opportunity,” he said.

Wishart says some businesses are selling gift cards, that you can hold onto until they reopen.

“We’ve been on such a roll here economically in the region for several years, but all of a sudden that has been derailed by the pandemic,” he said. “Local businesses have some difficult decisions to make, including, how long can they survive, how long can I keep my employees employed or does it make more sense to lay them off temporarily and have them access federal EI programs?”

Wishart says their email boxes have been flooded with messages of concerns from members of the business community. He adds as this progresses, the level of concern is increasing.

“Many larger businesses may have deeper financial reserves and access to lines of credit, but smaller businesses, probably not. They tend to work month to month and they will be impacted the hardest,” he said.

The Love for Local campaign was launched in partnership with Brainworks and 3+ Corporation. A Facebook page has been created, including marketing material, and tips for consumers on how to support local business.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton will also be offering a series of online webinars to address some of concerns brought to to them by members over the last week.

Tara Clow is the news director with The Bend 91.9, a Huddle content partner.