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Giving Purpose To Your Business

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“There is a shift in business today that is pushing the demand for more purpose-driven business goals, beyond just profit,” says Dr. Erik Klein of Town Health Solutions, “and we’ve been waiting for an opportunity that would allow us to put our collective weight behind it.”

That’s the reason Town Health Solutions recently joined the Million Dollar Pledge, powered by United Way.

Town Health Solutions is a collective of health-care professionals with various backgrounds, from chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and massage therapists, all working under the same umbrella.

Founded in Saint John/Hampton in 2004 by Dr. Klein and significantly expanded in 2012 with the help of Dr. Dan Comeau, both chiropractors, they have grown significantly, now with eight locations in New Brunswick and a plan to go national.

What exactly does it mean to be a Purpose Driven Business?

“Our motto is ‘Results Driven Solutions,’” they explain. “We don’t merely provide a product or service; but we provide solutions to people’s problems, driven by purposeful and thoughtful results. While making changes in people’s lives on a day to day basis is a central tenant to what we do, we have structured our company to change the nature of the therapy and physical medicine industry, while also giving greater purpose to our practitioners.”

“The goal is to have our team contribute to a better world,” they say. “With each year that goes by, we see the difference that we’re making not just in our industry but in our communities and regions. People want to work with us because, at the end of the day, they feel the goal of our company is more than just profit, but to make our mark on the future.”

The goal is to have our team contribute to a better world”

“We’re successful because we identified the holes in traditional grad school education,” say Klein and Comeau, “we provide ‘on-ramp’ training that brings our new grads’ clinical skills up to a 5-year competency within 6 months. Knowing our practitioners are top of their field to begin with, we know we can trust them implicitly.”

Practitioners drawn to their company have an altruistic approach to care.

“One of our chiropractors, Dr. Kayla Mayberry, spent 4 months providing chiropractic care at a hospital in Tanzania,” they explain. “Our athletic therapist Caitlin provides immeasurable hours to kids learning and competing in track and field, while Nathan Edwards, our lead physiotherapist, along with Kayla, headed up the health and medical services for the Canadian 55+ games, held in Saint John last summer. Dr. Maria Boyle is involved in educating about maternal and peripartum health. Dr. Coralee Wilson-Mitton spends countless hours of time mentoring through youth groups and Dr. John Neal is heavily involved in youth hockey.”

“It’s a key indicator we look for when hiring a new team member and we consider it essential. Part of our mission statement is to give as much as we can to the communities that support our businesses, and we strive to do that well.”

Part of our mission statement is to give as much as we can to the communities that support our businesses, and we strive to do that well.”

The Town Health Solutions team is a welcome addition to the Million Dollar Pledge, as they have core values that align well with the initiative.

“The primary factors that shape the health of New Brunswickers are the living conditions people experience on a day to day basis and the environment that they live in,” say Drs. Klein and Comeau.

“These are called the ‘Social Determinants of Health’. In our health system, regardless of well-intentioned initiatives, people are progressively getting unhealthier. The stats are stark. The reality is poor nutrition, chronic stress, social isolation, and a lack of education leads to chronic illness, and early death; and that cannot be rectified with any amount of technology. We must address the problem at its source.”

“It’s very clear that the Million Dollar Pledge is an initiative that will truly make a difference towards social health. Our entire staff will be participating and sharing, and everyone is excited to do so. We feel that this will become a central tenant in our strategic plan, and will enhance other charitable work. If our donation can help break the cycle of poverty for even one family, or teach one person to read, we’ll know that our contribution will enhance the health of thousands of New Brunswickers in the future.”

That’s a purpose that every business should drive towards.

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