Costco Plans New Location in Moncton

Costco in Moncton Image: Stu pendousmat, via Wikimedia Commons

MONCTON – Big box retailer Costco is planning to build a new store in Moncton. The proposed 17-acre store will be located on the corner of Elmwood Drive and NB-2 TransCanada Highway.

Montreal-based Campanella and Associates filed the project’s site plan to the city’s Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) on behalf of Lumel Holdings Inc. It proposes a 154,000-square-foot building, 1.8 acres of green space, four fuel islands and 849 parking spaces. The building entrance will face the highway.

Site plan for new Costco store. Image: City of Moncton

Campanella also asked for a variance to the required front yard from 18 metres to 9 metres, to reduce the number of bicycle parking from 43 to 10, to raise the number of driveways and to increase a driveway width.

Costco currently has a store located on Trinity Drive.

The City of Moncton’s Planning Advisory Committee will discuss the matter at its Jan. 24 meeting.

Huddle contacted the city for more information, but they can’t speak about the proposed project at this time. A city official said it must go through the PAC as a first step.