Cannabis Company Near Moncton Faces Rezoning Hurdles On Growing Operation

Image: iStock.

MONCTON – The owners of a small-scale cannabis company on Route 112 in Upper Coverdale want to start cultivation on their property but they face a rezoning hurdle.

About half of their 4.5 acre property which was a farm is zoned agricultural and it must rezoned to industrial.

Anchor Cannabis co-owner Gina Brown says while cannabis can be grown outdoors without rezoning, she and her partner Jared Murphy want to build a 2,100 square foot indoor facility.

During a public hearing this week, many neighbours expressed their opposition to the project and raised concerns including cannabis odours coming from the facility.

“I was disappointed by a lot of the comments. At least half of them were way off topic to say the least. But for the most part, I think the Southeast Regional Service Commission answered the majority of them,” she notes.

Brown believes any odour will be virtually eliminated by putting the operation inside a building.

Cannabis legalization is relatively new and Brown says the stigma surrounding the once prohibited product still exists.

She adds they want to be as open as possible about their venture and encourage anyone with questions to get in touch with them.

Another public rezoning meeting is planned for January 22 at the Moncton Lions Community Centre.

The ultimate decision lies in the hands of Environment and Local Government Minister Jeff Carr.

Allan Dearing is a reporter with 91.9 The Bend, a Huddle content partner.