Big Data Congress Returns To Saint John

SAINT JOHN ­– This year the Atlantic Big Data Congress is returning to where it got its start.

Saint John will play host to the congress, led by Saint John-based tech company T4G in early October (dates will be announced later). The 2015 event was held in Halifax.

“It got started in Saint John and continues here as Saint John has the natural attributes and a plan to become a global centre of excellence in big data,” said Cathy Simpson, vice-president of T4G.  “It is being held here to create a wider awareness of this fact.”

The Big Data Congress is a national conference hosted in Atlantic Canada that attracts hundreds of people. The congress highlights the business and economic potential of data science to transform business, government and society. It features leading thinkers from around the world sharing their insights into the present and future of technology and society. Speakers also explore how to recognize and take advantage of the trends.

“The Congress is the result of strong collaboration between business, academia and government,” said Simpson. “It has already resulted in new opportunities for the region across many sectors and there is more to come right here in our own backyard. ”

The Big Data Congress is open to anyone who wants to know how to manage at the speed of business, whether it be private sector, government, academic, technology vendors or students.

“We have shown that success depends on bringing the best thinkers and doers in the domain together to share their knowledge and experience,” Simpson said.

“We know we will also attract a diverse mix of attendees who will meet, converse, share their knowledge, and discover new thinking and insights about using data to to manage their organizations differently.”