11th Mile Will Add Patio, Lunch Menu At New Location On York Street

Pete Tompkins and Jennie Wilson, co-founders of 11th Mile. Image: submitted.

FREDERICTON – There are some changes coming to the first block of Regent Street as 11th Mile, a restaurant and cocktail bar established in 2017, prepares to pack up and move two streets over to York.

11th Mile co-owner Jennie Wilson says they’d originally signed a short-term lease that was meant to be up in July of 2019, but the timeline has moved up since the building, which also houses Corked wine bar, is now scheduled to be demolished.

Wilson and her husband, co-founder and chef Pete Tompkins, are taking what they’ve learned about the restaurant and bar scene in Fredericton since opening and using the opportunity to make some changes and adapt as they move into their new space.

“It’s fun to see Fredericton becoming even more vibrant and there are more restaurants, more of a bar scene now in the downtown area, which is so important to a capital city. I think we’re making changes and [are] a part of the cocktail change in Fredericton, which is fun,” she says.

Wilson says they’re planning to add a lunch menu and a patio to their new space at 79 York Street.

We didn’t even realize how much Fredericton loves lunch. Now that we’ve had a chance to live here and really see, it’s been good to get to know the market and now we can kind of tweak as we go forward,” she says.

While the branding will stay the same, the new location will have a different design than the original. Wilson says they will be working with Lori Clarke Interior Design on this project.

“We’re still keeping a small restaurant. There are all kind of design challenges around small restaurants that she’ll help us figure out,” Wilson says of Lori Clarke.

“She’s been a strong supporter of the restaurant and I think it’s a good idea to work with someone who knows what you’re doing.”

The last day of service at their current location will be December 29 and they’re aiming to open back up in the spring of 2019.

“I know people were maybe a little concerned and we just wanted people to know that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. This has been a very smooth process for us and we’re excited,” Wilson says.

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