10 New Brunswick Fashion Designers Creating Some Serious Style

Dee Silkie's "Kindness" boxers. Image: Mag Hood.

New Brunswick’s fashion industry will be under the spotlight this month in the latest issue of Created Here, a print and web publication that aims to help people discover and get to know N.B. creatives and where artists can get exposure.

The idea for the fashion issue came to Created Here founder Marie-Hélène Morell when she was on the hunt for some New Brunswick-made clothing herself.

“It actually started as a personal search. I wanted to buy more local clothes but had no idea where to start,” she says. “I’m pretty conscious of my spending choices and try to buy local when I can, but when it came to fashion I had no clue.”

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With access to Canadian designers in general limited in New Brunswick’s retail sector, Morell decided to do a search and find the designers herself.

“It’s always been in the back of my mind and I wanted to put together a photoshoot that would feature some of their designs,” she says. “Because that’s how fashion is portrayed around the world. You see these really cool glossy magazines and these neat social media campaigns and videos. I wanted to do something like that would elevate our fashion industry to that kind of a level.”

The issue features a photo shoot showcasing various New Brunswick fashion designers and models, shot at Tin Can Beach in Saint John. Morell hopes the issue who make New Brunswickers more aware of the province’s fashion industry.

“This issue is a personal victory,” she says. “I’m really excited to get it out there. I think it’s going to be an ‘ah-ha’ moment for people.”

The Created Here fashion issue will have its official launch on Oct. 28 at the Picaroons Roundhouse in Fredericton with a fashion show featuring many of the designers in the issue. The Saint John launch will take place Nov. 16 at Exchange on Germain from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In the meantime, here is a look at some of the New Brunswick Fashion designers and brands you should keep an eye on.

Bios and photos courtesy of Marie-Hélène Morell:

1) Adrienne Goodine

Image: Benoit Proulx

Adrienne Goodine is a mama of one who runs her own business creating custom designs and jewellery in Fredericton. She hopes to expand to a ready-to-wear line in the future. Adrienne is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Lady Diana. Adrienne created the stunning red dress featured on the cover of CreatedHere’s Issue #6!

2) Chavah Designs

Image: Alix Surette

Chavah Lindsay is a fashion designer based in Saint John. She showcased her new line “It Girl” at the NBCCD fashion show last May. Chavah is known for her signature wrap dress which is very popular with brides looking for fabulous and adaptable bridesmaid dresses.

3) Jeska Grue

Image: Submitted

Jeska Grue is a fashion designer in Sackville who creates simple, classic garments that will last a lifetime. With flowing lines and adjustable sizing, Jeska’s pieces fit and flatter any figure.

4) LeeAnn Dussault of East Coast Couture

Image: Mark Barrett Photography

LeeAnn Dussault is the founder of East Coast Couture, her own clothing line inspired garments she made for her creative photography projects. On her way to Atlantic Fashion Week, LeeAnn is passionate about all things fashion.

5) Kayleigh Saad of Lunar Offerings

Image: Submitted

Kayleigh Saad is the designer behind the fashion brand Lunar Offerings, creating every day witchy and whimsical wear. Preferring to work with organic and upcycled materials, Kayleigh designs for those looking for fashion with a whimsical edge.

6) Nora Swimwear

Image: Submitted

Ashley Lemmon, the founder of Nora Swimwear, created the brand with the idea that each swimsuit should tackle a common insecurity — making sure women not only look good in a swimsuit but feel good too. The Nora Swimwear promise is to create modish and flattering swimsuits for different body types. Ashley is from New Brunswick but currently works out of Toronto.

7) Dee Silkie

Dee Silkie’s “Kindness” boxers.
Image: Mag Hood.

Dee Wilkie is a silk surface designer, blogger, collaborator and creator of the Dee Silkie brand. She is also the organizer of the “Transition” fashion show, which will feature the launch of CreatedHere’s fashion issue. Dee has a real creative team spirit and is constantly coming up with projects that will highlight her silk and all who participate, from photographers to models to designers. She recently came out with a line of silk “Kindness” boxers featuring her signature rose print. The boxers are ridiculously comfortable, a unisex fit, and read “Instead be kind” on the waistband.

8) Jeff Alpaugh

Image: Submitted

Jeff Alpaugh is a menswear designer in Fredericton who left a career in the military to find his business niche making “The World’s Most Dangerous Dress Shirts”. The designs reflect the founder’s personality, featuring bright colours, exciting prints and fancy embellishments that make the wearer feel daring (and dangerous).

9) Cassandra Elizabeth

Image: Submitted

Cassandra Elizabeth is a fashion designer who sells two distinct lines, her CassBurr line features classic and elegant pieces for the modern woman, and U.N.I. is a unisex line made to flatter every gender any time of the year. Cassandra attended UNB and the fashion program at NBCCD and is now living in Toronto.

10) Bronwen Robbins

Image: The Howling Shoopuff

Bronwen Robbins, a.k.a. Delirium’s Edge, is a cosplay designer from Fredericton. She loves to take a beloved character and bring it to life through costumes and accoutrements. Photo by The Howling Shoopuff.