LISTEN: How To Solve Complex Business Problems With Innovative Ideas


Innovation and creativity are not a destination, but a journey.

It’s no secret that most companies have to be innovative to stay relative. However, if the pace of your innovation isn’t quick enough you risk your business fading away. Often companies get complacent over time. “Group-think” sets in where processes and company culture change little over time and the result is a lack of creative thought.

Mark Breen saw this happening in New Brunswick.

Breen is an economic development officer with the economic development agency Enterprise Saint John. After looking at stats from Statistics Canada and the Conference Board of Canada regarding how innovative specific regions were, he learned that New Brunswick was last on the innovation scorecard. To tackle this, Enterprise Saint John sought input from a number of industries and found that many companies didn’t have a methodology for solving complex problems with innovative ideas. The result was the formulation of the Catalyst Innovation Program.

One company that signed on to try to tackle its energy sustainability problem was Moosehead Breweries.

In this episode of Boiling Point, hosts Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale chat with Breen and Moosehead’s Patrick Parent about how the Catalyst Innovation Program could help you learn how to solve complex problems in your business.

Listen to the episode below: