Russ Howard Says the Moncton Brier Would Be Like a Great Kitchen Party

Moncton has recruited Russ Howard to help bring the Brier to the Hub City in 2019. The national curling legend is a natural pitchman for what would be a fun-filled event for Moncton and the province as a whole.

“The Brier is an unbelievable party,” says Howard in a Youtube video. “You’ve got from one end of this country to the other…the different dialects, the different traditions. And it’s just one big kitchen party, it really is.”

And of course you’ll also see some pretty good curling too, says Howard.

“At the same time, it’s a world-class sporting event,” he says. “There are probably five, six, seven teams at the Brier that are the best in the world. Whoever wins the Canadian championship is the favourite at the world championship.

Howard is helping the city make a push to pre-sell 2,000 ticket packages by the end of June, as part of a demonstration to Curling Canada that Moncton is capable of making the event a success. Ticket buyers would only have to put down $100 for a deposit before the June 30th deadline.

The Brier is one of Curling Canada’s most prestigious events, attracting fans from around the world, and is broadcast nationally. Moncton’s bid to host the March 2019 event will be submitted to Curling Canada in late June of this year.

If the city does host the Brier, the event would be one of the first national events to be staged in the city’s new Downtown Centre, which is currently under construction.

Organizations like the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) are encouraged by the news since an event this size would mean benefits for the community and economy.

“The Brier has been around for 90 years,” said GMCC chairman Mathieu LeBlanc when it was announced last month that the city was organizing to host the 2019 event.

“It would be an absolute honour for Greater Moncton to host such a world-class event and to prove once again that when its citizens and business community get together, great things happen.”

“We look forward to bringing national exposure to our community and the new Downtown Centre but, more importantly, to welcoming the thousands of curling fans who will spend on hotels, restaurants and shopping which all adds up to net positive gains for the local business community.”

Moncton mayor Dawn Arnold says they’re confident in the ability of the city to successfully hold the event.

“We know that we can host this exciting event,” said Arnold. “Moncton has a long history of hosting world-class events, and the Brier in 2019 would be another opportunity to show the world what we have to offer, but we can’t do it alone. We need the community to work with us to show Curling Canada that Moncton is the best host for the Brier in 2019.

For more information on the drive to bring the Brier to Moncton and instructions on how to place a $100 deposit on a ticket package, visit the Bring on the Brier website.