Why Mariner’s New Sales Head Says 28 Per Cent Growth Isn’t Good Enough

Craig Storey Image: via Entrevestor

Craig Storey has just taken over international sales at Atlantic Canada’s most influential tech company, Saint John-based Mariner, and he’s not satisfied with its 28 per cent revenue growth in 2016.

Until recently, Storey was the CEO of Shift Energy, the Mariner subsidiary that provides automated energy controls to larger complexes. In the last six months, Shift has been integrated into the main corporate structure of Mariner, and Storey has been given the role of head of global sales for the group.

Mariner was already performing well as 2016 revenue reached $28.2 million. That earned Mariner the No. 128 place in the Branham 300 list of the top tech companies in Canada — tops among Atlantic Canadian IT companies.

But Storey said that there are opportunities within the Mariner group to cross sell among the various groups of customers and produce even more revenue.

“You go harder, faster,” he said when asked how he responds to leading a sales group that’s already performing well. “There’s a lot more value we have to offer existing clients, and new. We are now positioned for larger, more transformational deals in our chosen marketplace.”

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