Liberal MP Wayne Long Says He Won’t Support Proposed Federal Tax Reforms

Wayne Long, MP for Saint John-Rothesay, with N.B. Premier Brian Gallant (Image: Wayne Long Facebook page)

SAINT JOHN – Wayne Long, the Liberal Member of Parliament for Saint John-Rothesay, posted on Facebook last night that he can no longer support the tax reforms for incorporated businesses that are being proposed by the federal government.

His comments came only hours after he was present at an information session organized by The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce. Before a packed room of more than 150 people, several area business people stood up and urged him to oppose the proposed changes.

“As a former business entrepreneur I understand fully the risks incurred with starting, building, and growing a small business. I’ve lived it,” Long wrote on Facebook last night. “I’ve balanced budgets, worried about meeting payroll, collected receivables so we could get paid etc.”

“I’ve lived the hopes and dreams of having a business. Small business is the backbone of our economy. I believe in my heart that these proposed changes will discourage entrepreneurship and hurt the very people we want to help. I cannot support these proposals without amendments.

“This is difficult for me, but I know I simply can’t support as is.”

Long’s Facebook post has received nearly 1,000 likes and 300 shares. Read the full post below.