Huddle’s Five Most Popular Stories of 2016

It’s been a pretty exciting year here at Huddle.

So with 2016 coming to a close, we’ve decided to look back at the stories you loved the most this past year.

1) What Maclean’s Doesn’t Understand About New Brunswick

Back in March, Maclean’s magazine published a story titled “Can anything save New Brunswick?”

We had some things to say about it.

2) MUCH Came To New Brunswick 

In October the province got some spotlight on national TV network MUCH.

As part of its Far and Wide series (directed by a New Brunswicker), two Instagram celebrities paid the province a visit. A good time ensued.

3) Kredl’s Owner Pitches to Save Business at Invest Atlantic

The story ignited the saga of an owner struggling to save his long-standing local food business in Hampton, New Brunswick (which is still going on right now).

4) Who’ll Play Magnetic Hill in 2016?

Image: Lugnuts,via Wikimedia Commons

The answer? Nobody.

But we had a lot of fun speculating, and so did you.

5) Six Young New Brunswickers to Watch

We’re always hearing that young people are fleeing New Brunswick in search of jobs and opportunities elsewhere.

We decided to look at some of our “best and brightest” who are determined to stay in New Brunswick to build careers and make things better.