This is the Most Expensive Bottle of Wine in New Brunswick

For some, wine is the go-to drink for all occasions. It may even be the elixir that keeps your life together.

There are as many kinds of wine to choose from as there are reasons to drink it. For special occasions, it may seem appropriate to splurge on a bottle of some fancy shmancy stuff rather than drink the $10 crap you usually do (wait, is that just us? Nevermind).

Because we’re curious and didn’t have much else to do last Friday, we set out to find the most expensive bottle of wine available at ANBL.

Here it is:
2010 Petrus

Yup. This is it. No pure gold label. No magic genie enclosed. Hell, it’s not even sparkly!

Yet, coming up at $6,106.29, it’s the most expensive bottle of wine at NB Liquor. But it’s not available at just any NB liquor. There are only three bottles in stock in the entire province. Two in the Dieppe location on Regis Street and one available in Fredericton at the Prospect Street location.

Ok, we get it’s super pricey and all and you need to be in the province’s 1 per cent (or just really financially irresponsible) to even consider purchasing it … but it is good?

We asked New Brunswick’s resident beer and wine guy Craig Pinhey. His answer?

It’s probably good, but not $6,000 good.

“Sure it’s likely a great wine. I’ve had old Petrus before from a good vintage and it was very good, but to be honest it wasn’t as good as a bunch of other wines we had blind in the same flight, many of which were $100 or less,” he said. “Either way, no wine is worth more than a couple hundred bucks, from a taste standpoint. But wines like that aren’t about taste. It’s 100 per cent about status.”

There you have it. If you want to show off how rich you are to your friends who don’t even care about outrageously expensive wine in the first place, you definitely should have this in your life.

If not, that’s probably for the best.