Cute Office Dogs of New Brunswick: Volume 2

Frank from ICS Creative Agency Image: Mike Capson

Last year, we published a story about why businesses across New Brunswick allow their employees to bring their dogs into the office.

Obviously, we couldn’t release such a story without featuring an abundance of pictures of these really cute dogs.

In response, many of you tweeted and commented pictures of your office pets, demanding why they weren’t featured, and asking when the next office dog story will be.

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We may not be able to feature all your cute office dogs, but damn, that isn’t going to stop us from trying.

So by popular demand, we’re pleased to present you Cute Office Dogs of New Brunswick Volume 2:

Ty from IronFlow Technologies (Moncton)

Image: Submitted

Arlo from Hemmings House Pictures (Saint John)

Image: Submitted

Bo, Finn, Chico and Willow of Symplicity Designs (Moncton)
Kevin the Corgi of the Capitol Theatre (Monton)

Kevin the Corgi.
Image: Submitted

Ruby of CBC New Brunswick (Fredericton)

Image: Submitted

Frank, Murphy, Herb and Gus of ICS Creative Agency (Saint John)

Their owners took this article very seriously.

Scout and Sophie of Appnovation (Saint John) 

Image: Submitted

Image: Submitted

Sammy and Benson of Priority Personnel Inc. (Fredericton) 

Sammy. Image: Submitted

Image: Submitted

Zoe of Atlantic Lottery (Moncton)

Image: Submitted

Molly of SalesForce (Fredericton)

Image: Submitted

Does YOUR office have a cute dog? Send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, we might do Volume 3!