Atlantic Law Firm McInnes Cooper Introduces Startup Package

McInnes Cooper, the Atlantic Canadian law firm, has announced its new Start-up and Retainer Packages with the goal of making legal services more accessible for innovation-driven startups in Atlantic Canada.

The firm said in a statement on Tuesday that its MC Start-up Package provides the essential legal services a business needs to get off the ground, from incorporation to one-on-one legal advice, in a way that fits a limited budget.

“We’ve had positive feedback on the ‘Transformation’ theme,” said partner and startup specialist Rob Cowan in the statement. “It enables us to say that we’ve been listening to startups, and now we’re changing the way we do things – very much a ‘startup mindset’ for a law firm.”

He added: “The new blue colour and tagline ‘Transforming with you’ shows our startup services as new and distinct from the ‘old’ McInnes Cooper offering.”

To get started, owners pay a modest up-front fee of $400, paying the balance of $4,600 only after the business is funded.

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